This is one of the best ways to find good deals from multiple airlines. The site is easy to use, and you can even check out the cheapest times, dates and airports to fly from. Whether I’m looking to take a random inexpensive trip or figuring out the best ways to get to a destination, this is always a go-to. Heres how I use it:

1. Type in an airport nearest to you. If you live near a major international airport, the flights to certain areas tend to be cheaper.

2. Pick your destination

3. Check out the calendar drop down. It will give you the prices for roundtrip fair based on your dates. I usually play with the dates to see which flights fit my needs based on price and flexibility.

The Flight Deal

If you’re not already on their email list you should be! This site will send you deals from around the globe, and if you’re like me and you budget (click here for budgeting tips) in random inexpensive travel, you’re going to love this email subscription. You should be ready to book when you see these deals, they go quickly.

The website also has the option to search by city and there’s even a link to a matrix that will give you the best flights.

Small Airlines

Small airlines can often offer awesome domestic travel options, as low as $29 one way. Keep in mind however, that these flights may have restrictions. For example, you might have to pay extra for better seats, carry on luggage and snacks on the plane.

Subscribe to airline email lists

Not much to say about this one. Just let them flood your Promotions box and check out all the deals when your ready to fly.


Yep, this one makes the list. I’ve found some of the BEST deals on flights using priceline. Just be sure to check your layover times before you book, especially if the price is just too good to be true. Trust me.


Skiplagged and Skyscanner are good options if you’re in a hurry. Just download the apps and start searching. Skiplagged helps you take advantage of layovers, so you often cannot check a bag with these deals.

Let me know in the comments what methods you use to save money on flights!