Brewery Bhavana

Flowers. Books. Beer. Dim Sum.

Directly next to my favorite restaurant in Raleigh (its sister, Bida Manda), Brewery Bhavana has an amazing setting that is truly unique to the area.

Not only is it home to a restaurant with a nice selection of craft beer, it also features a flower shop, and food for your mind as well.

Recommended Cuisine:

  1. Seafood Dumplings and Pork Bao (the mushrooms are my favorite part of both of these small plates)

  1. Crab fried Rice: Well balanced with amazing spices. I'm not a fan of bell peppers but I loved them in this dish!

  1. Banana Cake: Very dense, with a caramel topping. Fantastic way to end the night.

Recommended Brew: Being a belgian style beer fanatic, I was pleased with the range of selection. The staff was eager to help out with selecting beers and tastings are readily available for anything on draft.

Kid Friendly: Perhaps. Yes there are places for a high chair possibly, however I would call the restaurant first to make sure. Also, review the menu.

Here are a few pictures below for your enjoyment, loves! If you visit Brewery Bhavana, make sure to use hashtag #kellsrecommends so I can see your pictures and favorite menu items!

Pork Boa